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Are your digital skills limiting your success?

Covid-19 highlighted our dependence on technology to get work and life done. This reliance on the internet and digital skills requires us to educate and upgrade ourselves in order to succeed.

But what does good digital competence look like? 

Take the Digital Competence Health Check to...

  • Receive personalised advice based on your score: your answers will translate into an overall score with advice on how to improve 
  • ​Identify the gaps in your digital competence: pinpoint the exact areas of your digital skills which are limiting your success. Do you have the right mindset? Are you utilising online tools effectively? 
  • Progress in your career: learn how you can upgrade your digital competence to achieve career development.
In today's world, upgrading your digital skills to match upgraded digital systems is paramount for career progression, job security and feeling part of a team.

But if you can't identify the gaps in your skills, how can you expect to improve your digital competence?

This Healthcheck will give you an overview of your current digital competence, looking at four key areas:


Personal Brand


People Skills

Feeling overwhelmed or challenged by aspects of digital competence?

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